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July, 2015

  • 25 July

    Windows 10 RTM ready

    Windows 10 rtm ready and allready up on some torrent websites as kat.cr. Windows 10 will offically release in 29.07.2015

June, 2015

  • 12 June

    Steam Summer Sale Begin!

    Prepare your wallets. Steam summer sale with a mini game started!

  • 5 June

    Reserve your Windows 10 upgrade from today !

    Hi! After big break i returned. With the lastest 2 update a creepy windows logo must be appeare at notification area ( next to clock)

April, 2015

  • 18 April

    [ Unreal ]How To Packet Game for Android


    Hi ! In this post i will show you how to packet your Unreal engine games for android with super easy way.

January, 2015

  • 5 January

    Makehuman installation


    We will learn in this lesson “How to install MakeHuman”