Building Linux Kernel

Hello ! in this post i will show you how to build linux kernel.

I used Ubuntu 14.04.01 (You can use another distro, there will be only few changes)

Firstly we must download req. and kernel source.

You can download kernel from There

– I suggest you to download stable version

When you download source code , unzip it to a easy locallition (i extracted it to /home/ihavenick/kernel)

(You can untar kernel from terminal via tar -xf kernelx.xx.x.tar.xz)

sudo apt-get install gcc dpkg-dev libncurses5-dev

When you installed them run this command at kernel source folder.

make menuconfig

In this menu you will customize kernel .Like you can add or remove drivers.

  • To chose press “Space”
  • For go back menu press twice “ESC”
  • For entering menus press “Enter”
  • For pressing bottom buttons press “Tab”

While saving configurations it will ask file name .Save it without renaming. (“.config”)

you can now leave this configuration with spamming esc button.

Now we come to longest part.

write to terminal

make -j 6 KDEB_PKGVERSION=(anumberwhatyouwant).(anameyouwant) dep-pkg


make -j 6 KDEB_PKGVERSION=1.ihavenick dep-pkg

Now its started to build.It will take 10min-2 hours.

When its finished go to folder that contains .deb and write to terminal

sudo dpkg -i ../linux*.deb

That means install all kernel .deb files in the folder.

When its finish you can restart and use your kernel in your linux computer.

Now mine tutorial is finished.If your kernel works right you can delete older kernel.

Have fun!