Delete Junk files from UE4 folder

Hello. In this post i will show you how to delete junk debug files

If you compile Unreal Engine 4 from source code, you will notice there will be soo much unnececary files thats takes too much space at harddrive.
These files for debugging but if you not need debugging you can delete these files after compile finish.

WARNING: IF YOU PLAN COMPILE AGAIN (exp: you add a new plugin , code to engine) IT WILL START FROM BEGINNING.

Create new .txt and open it with your favorite text editor and copy-paste these batch commands.

del /s *.obj
del /s *.o
del /s *.pch
del /s *.pdb
del /s *.ilk
del /s *.idb
del /s *.gch

Save as thise file “blabla.bat” (you can change “blabla” to what you want) and copy-paste .bat to your unreal engine main folder (that folder you have “Engine”,”Templates”,”Samples”)
And open it! It will take 5-10 min. to delete all files.

Thats it!See you next time.

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