How to Broadcast on Live and earn money

Hi , in this tutorial i will show you how to Broadcast live on

Firstly you need a account to broadcast.

Go to

At to top Right press register and fill out username – password – birthday and your email or you can register with your facebook.

Now you will need broadcast program and games :D

I will give you 2 choise.

OBS or Nvidia Shadowplay

Obs is opensource broadcasting program , you can customise your screen with it

Nvidia Shadowplay is too easy and not has any customising option but you need nvidia card for it

First Method:

Go to Obs Project

Download for your computer version. I downloaded for windows 10

Open OBS_0_xxxx_Installer.exe (xxxx is version of downloaded file )

press next -> -next -> next

and run the software.


Goto settings – settings

broadcast settings and change streaming servise to twitch and change fms url to closes server.

and goto dashboard and get your streamkey and paste it to “Play Path/stream key:”


goto advanced settins and change

Encoding profile to main

Keyframe interval to 2


Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

now you can start to streaming . close settings and right click to sources panel and add new source.

you can capture full screen or game screen.

for game screen

right click – > add – > gamescreen -> from first scrollbox pick your game and press add.

ok press start streaming to go live.

For nvidia shadowplay and monetasion wait for part 2

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