Playing High end games on Low end PC’s (or old computers)


alternatives are

Nvidia Grid

Ps now (this is working)



Did you want to play games on your computer but its have not has good hardware to run that game ?

Or you want to play your game away from your home ? (your work pc , your grandpa’s pc)

Some one wants your computer to work and you want continue playing ?

and you want to play computer games on your android devices (you need to buy any controller that can connect to your android device)

If your answer is yes, I introduce you OnLive game streaming .

(“if no pls read another of mine post cu next time.”)

OnLive game streaming service has 2 options.

One of it is CloudLift:

  • You can lift some of your Steam library games to cloud and play from there (Save game can be synced)

Other option is :

  • You can play +200 playpack games

This both has montly fee and 7 days free trial.

If you want to test this service click here 

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