UE4 Animation Retarget (Updated)

In this lesson i will show you “How to Retarget a animation from a rig to another rig”

Firstly go to skeleton which you want to retarget to another rig. I will pick “HeroTPP” for animations and retarget it to mine MakeHuman model.

For 4.5

Click “View options” in Content Browser and activate “Show engine content”.



(in new version (4.7 ) dont do this.

Open your base skeleton (i picked HeroTTP for base)


Press “Retarget manager” and “Setup rig”

1. “Select rig:” press white 6 box icon

2. Select Humanoid rig from list.


(in 4.7 it will not has tumbrail)

Press “Save pose” to save rig. and Go to your model do to same things on it but this time you must chose the missing skeleton parts.


Put hand_r to HandR  (its changing for other skelatons)

Next go to animation which you want to retarget and right-click to it.

1.Press “Retarget Anim XxXxXx”

2.Next press “Dublicate anims” and

3.Pick your skeleton for retarget (If your character pose is T-pose you will get better result.)



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