[Ue4] Dynamic bones (softbody) For Characters

Hi, in this lesson i will show you how to make dynamic(softbody) spring bones in ue4

You can do this 2 way for making softbody

with P.H.A.T (you need to set constarins great and set bones simulated in settings)

or with spring joints blueprint function.

I will show second way in this tutorial

Firstly import your character in to engine.(drag drop the .fbx file)

We need animations running for it.

Retarget or import animations of it and create a “Animation Blueprint” for your imported character.

(right click it and select create —-> Anim Blueprint)



Once opened your anim blueprint  at AnimGraph drag drop your animation or locomotion and add spring controller (deselect context sensitive)


wire them and compile it later you can play with settings


Well done .

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